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What if you gave life to what you want!

To accomplish your dream, you first need a clear vision of what exactly you want to achieve.


Walt Disney Castle

Everything starts from a desire…
Walt Disney said ‘’If you can dream it, you can do it“.


As far back as I can remember, every single one of my desires came true when I breathed life into them!


What do I mean by that?I saw myself living my dream!

The picture was clear, as if I was watching the movie unfold in front of me. And I humanize it down to the smallest detail. My smile, my sparkling eyes, the clothes I wear, the people there, their smile, their gaze, the decor, the objects in the room, the intensity of the light, etc.


I add sound and music to make it even more appealing. Music is a powerful anchor and, for me, it plays an important role in achieving what I desire. I use music to feel the accomplishment of what I want to see happen. A bit like a moment of celebration. It animates me and contagiously affects all the sensations perceived throughout my body!


I like to add the smell and the taste to make it even more real. If there are flowers, I can smell their pleasant scent in the room. If I’m drinking a coffee, I can clearly taste its aromas. Every little detail that contributes to enhancing my experience is important since I’m bringing my dream to life.

Girl with balloon

Above all, what is most important is how I feel when my dream has become true. It’s like taking a step into the image and owning it. I fully embody who I am when I have achieved what I want. I vibrate it in body and deep down in my gut. I turn the intensity to the maximum, as if I could increase the dimmer knob of my sensations. I can feel the emotion fulfill my heart and the energy flowing through my whole body. And sometimes, I even let myself shout out loud a powerful cry of joy!

For a few seconds, I just gave birth to my dream. It’s like creating a memory in the future! This is so powerful since the unconscious mind does not distinguish between the past and the future. Indeed, the unconscious mind knows no notion of time. By tracing this path, I open the door to possibilities and I set an intention, very real, in the creative field. I give a clear directive to my unconscious mind thus allowing it to support me towards the achievement of what I desire.


Once the dreamer’s step is completed, it is now time to have the director inside of you contribute. To accomplish your dream, you first need a clear vision of what exactly you want to achieve. Every good director needs a plan, and that means setting a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goal. This is what we call the S.M.A.R.T. goal.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

The S.M.A.R.T. goal is a simple and effective way to work concretely towards the realization of your dreams since it allows you to know specifically what you want. Your goal must be clear, precise and contextualized. The more clearly it is defined, the more you will be able to put in the necessary efforts to achieve it since you will know exactly where to focus your energy and actions.

Your goal must be quantifiable so that you can measure its success. It will also help you measure your progress, see that the actions you take are leading you towards what you want and make adjustments, if necessary, to stay on course.


Your goal must be achievable, that is, appropriate according to your abilities and the resources you have. That being said, it must be ambitious in order to motivate you to achieve it.


Your goal should be realistic or, in other words, ecological for you and your environment. Achieving this must be safe, preserve your health and respect the environment in which you operate so as not to put yourself in danger or at risk.


Finally, your goal must be defined in time in order to motivate you to take regular and specific actions that will lead to its achievement, within the timeframe you want. The date you set for yourself is, in a way, a red flag at the top of the mountain, so you always keep your goal in sight. It also helps you establish the steps to take between each stage to get you closer to achieving your goal and realizing your dream.

Achievable goals

I insist here on the importance of setting milestones for you so as not to see the mountain as being unattainable! I like to set myself mini goals within my big goal. It allows me to celebrate my small victories throughout the realization of my project and also to adjust when necessary. These steps allow me to do a bit of soul-searching on what has and hasn’t worked since the last step and allows me to adjust along the way to make sure I’m in line with what I want.

All of this is not done in a linear fashion since the path is strewn with pitfalls which is perfect as is! I call this adversity and it’s a sign that my project is in motion. For me adversity is feedback from life to see how much I care about my dream coming true. It is by overcoming these pitfalls that I learn, I strengthen myself, I find solutions and I get closer to my goal!


And, when the mountain seems too big, I take a step back and return to the dreamer’s space where I enjoy imagining myself reaching my dream. Again, I breathe life into it, vibrate it, embody it, embrace it and believe in it with every cell in my body. I create a memory in the future so that eventually the dream comes true!


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