About Caroline Létourneau, NLP certified coach in Time Line Therapy® and in mBraining (mBit)

I help my clients achieve their personal and professional goals by using the powerful tools of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and mBraining (mBit).

My mission

Collaborating with my clients to help them let go of what’s in the way of experiencing inner transformation and be in full alignment with their own values and true self, allowing them to evolve towards their full potential and create the life they desire!

Who am I?

In 2016, as I was approaching my forties, I began an important self-development journey. From an external point of view, my life seemed perfect, and yet, I was not happy!

I felt overwhelmed, confused, not aligned and I needed to find meaning to my life. I knew I had this inner potential and I wanted to access it in order to be fulfilled and to contribute to a better world. But how?

That’s when Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) crossed my path and I decided to embark on a coaching journey. NLP brought me awareness which, in turn, helped me change my limiting beliefs, harmful patterns, and unwanted habits, and allowed me to feel free and relieved. I learnt how to feel empowered instead of blaming life and I took actions to create the changes I wanted to see happening in my life.

NLP has had such a big impact in my life that my curiosity made me want to understand how we think, how we perceive the world and how it translates into our own words and actions. At that moment, it all made sense! I had just found my mission: to become an NLP Coach and help people who, just like me, want to access their inner potential to create what they want in their life!

I am a passionate NLP Life Coach and I want to share my learnings with you as well as provide you with tools to improve your life. Commitment is the key for change and I am committed to working with you to bring the awareness you need to achieve your goals. All the resources are there, right inside of you, and my role is to guide you access them by helping you release those hindrances that are in the way. This will allow you to be aligned with your values, with who you truly are, and to adopt a different attitude in order to spread your wings and become the creator of your life!

I look forward to collaborating with you,


My approach

I am a committed NLP Coach and I want to contribute to your success!

I offer a tailored coaching plan to focus on the goals and results you want to achieve so you can experience the most beautiful SELF journey.

In addition to being a certified NLP Coach from Coaching Quebec since June 2020, I am a Certified Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy® and a Certified Coach in mBraining (mBIT). With this variety of effective tools combined with powerful questions, I can help raise your awareness and lead you towards your inner-transformation and personal evolution.

Neuro Linguistic Programming


The “neuro” aspect of Neuro-Linguistic Programming refers to the connections created in our mind to produce our serving or limiting beliefs as well as our perceptions which are reflected in the experiences we have. “Linguistic” refers to the verbal and non-verbal language that structures our thoughts so we can communicate them. Finally, “programming” refers to the light we shed on our conscious and unconscious patterns to achieve our personal goals.


mBraining (mBit)

mBraining begins where NLP leaves off and allows the alignment of multiple brains (head, heart and gut) to discover the messages they have to offer us. This technique helps us align our thoughts, feelings and actions when we are experiencing internal conflicts. It brings self-awareness, it facilitates decision-making, and it helps with incongruous behaviour and self-sabotage.


Time Line Therapy®

Time Line Therapy® is an approach developed by Tad James which allows us to let go of the negative load and limiting decisions while preserving our learnings. It offers new possibilities that lead us to new results, positively impacting our life.

If you want to be equipped with self-development tools and if you want to actively produce
positive and lasting changes
that will allow you to create the life you want, this approach is definitely for you!